20 For 20

We are so grateful for all the one time and ongoing support of so many who have invested in the ministry of the Chapel. In the 2020-2021 academic year, God's people contributed over $8,000 in additional gifts during our "20 For 20" Campaign. 

The generous investment went toward our general operating fund that makes bi-annual retreats, ministry meals, campus outreach and leadership development possible at the Chapel of the Incarnation.


If you are interested in contributing, there are STILL two ways to make your pledge. Either visit our website and use the “Donate” button on the top right corner, or visit the Episcopal Diocese of Florida Foundation site and make a donation to our particular program, “College Ministry @ GNV.”


By joining our 20 for 20 campaign, you have the opportunity to join in the exciting work that the Lord is doing in and through students at the University of Florida. We are excited to get to know you better and to share more regularly stories of redemption, learning, and growth from Gainesville!

Read on to see what students are saying about the Chapel  House!

“Chapel House has given me a refuge from the rigor and pressure of academic and personal stressors – and it has also given me my best friends. I could not imagine my college experience without this place, these people or the late night coffee runs!”

- Tori French, UF Sophomore

“The Chapel is a place where I feel comfortable to worship, hangout between class, and have conversation. It’s a breath of fresh air to step on Chapel grounds as a student on the large UF campus where it can feel impersonal at times; the Chapel is the opposite.”

- Noah Altenbach, UF Sophomore

“This quote describes my Chapel experience best: ‘Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.’”

- Allie Moore, UF Senior

“The Chapel has been a source of respite among the bustle of campus life…a place to find deeper meaning and connection with God.”

- Esteban Peralta, UF Med Student

"The Chapel is an amazingly welcoming spiritual community. It is also just a great space to relax, or commiserate about upcoming quizzes." 

- Carson Leigh Olson, UF Freshman

“The Chapel gives me a sense of stability, something that’s hard to get when campus feels like a rush of activity that I have no part in. It’s a place where I can become connected to other students and feel like I finally am a part of the UF community.”

- Mae Mason, UF Junior

“I was surprised to know that we could study a single section of a chapter of the Bible for two hours and have a deep theological conversation where everyone could share their differing opinions in a supportive and encouraging way… I can only hope that more people seek out, discover, and find a place in Christian communities such as this one.”

- Carlton Smith, UF Sophomore

“Chapel means home to me. It’s a place where I can feel comfortable and express my love for God while building relationships with people that help me get through the week. It’s also a reminder for me to be thankful to have a safe space where I am loved and accepted for who I am.”

- Ela Gonzalez, UF Sophomore

“My experience at the Chapel of the Incarnation has been among the most formative of my college career. I found the Chapel of the Incarnation to be a place where I could be myself, grow my faith, and surround myself with good people who cared for me. I can confidently say that the people I have met over these four short years will be lifelong friends.”

- Stephen Keith, recent UF graduate

“After coming to a new city and starting a new chapter in my life, the Chapel gave me a home. I love getting to see God’s work in action through everyone I have met here and I am so grateful to be a part of this ministry!”

- Spenser Cheek, UF Grad Student