Bishop's Warden

My favorite events at chapel are the impromptu ones that happen nearly every day. Whether it’s going on a late night coffee run, having a movie marathon or just chatting out in the courtyard with a friend in between classes, it’s such a blessing to have a place of comfort and familiarity right off campus. I hope you’ll find the same love and community I’ve been so blessed to find at Chapel of the Incarnation.


Favorite Gainesville Restaurant: The Top!!!


Carson Leigh Olson

Recruitment Chair

I started attending Chapel my freshman year of college and I couldn't imagine my life without Chapel now! This community is uniquely welcoming and supportive. I have come to Chapel tired, stressed, joyous, lost, ecstatic, lonely and everything in-between and have never failed to find a loving community ready to celebrate the high points of life and navigate the low. Looking for a way to get involved and feeling a bit intimidated? Stop by Wednesday night for fellowship, come to a Sunday night service  in our beautiful historic Chapel, or stop by anytime to study in the gorgeous courtyard! 

My favorite restaurant is Tijuana's Flats. Period.


Junior Warden

One of my favorite things about Chapel House are our retreats! Every semester we   take a weekend to get away, reconnect with God, and maybe make a few s’mores. Whether we’re kayaking, playing games, or spending time with other episcopal student ministries, it’s always a fun time. If you’re new to Chapel, i encourage you to sign up for retreat! It’s an easy way to make new friends and get involved. 


Favorite Gainesville restaurant: Satchel’s Pizza 🍕



Fellowship Chair

My favorite Chapel activity is making s’mores in the fire pit outside when it gets cold, talking with my friends about faith and life until way past bedtime.

I swear by Bagels & Noodles. There’s usually a Bagels & Noodles container with my name on it in the chapel fridge! 


Service Chair

Hi y’all, my favorite part about Chapel House is the community. You can feel the welcoming, positive energy walking into chapel on Sundays or attending a Wednesday night event. Chapel House was a big part of my freshman year because it gave me a place to grow in my faith surrounded by friendly and interesting people. I’d highly recommend coming by Sunday’s at 5:30!! 


I grew up visiting my family in Gainesville every Christmas. The best part of the trip was getting family brunch at The Flying Biscuit. It’s not that close to campus, but the biscuits and grits are well worth the drive. 




My favorite part about the Chapel is it’s availability throughout the week. I know that I can always go there at anytime and either see great friends, relax, and/or do homework. Because of this, the Chapel has been central to my life in Gainesville and at UF.


My favorite restaurant in Gainesville is Sababa, an Israeli place downtown. Their shawarma and falafels are always a treat! 


Internet Chair

My favorite event at the Chapel House is Sunday services at 5:30. I love hearing Adam’s relatable sermons and getting to have fellowship followed by food is always the highlight of my week! There's always great conversation and good friends to worship with. I hope you get to join us at a service or event soon! 


Favorite Gainesville Restaurant: I’m always down for brunch, and Bagels Unlimited is the best!

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